About MB​

The extensive experience and unrelenting hard work of our committed team has pushed us to the forefront of business sales consultancy. Not only does our advanced platform allow us to instantly connect our clients with a global network of investors, we have combined this with a dedication to personal, down-to-earth communication, to deliver the best results for your company.

Specialist M&A Advisors

Melville Bierman is composed of a team of thriving entrepreneurs, with their own success stories and expertise gained in the field of business sales. We are afforded the privileged position of understanding exactly what you need – and exactly how to deliver it. That is why we strive to be top among global M&A advisory firms.

From the moment you submit a contact enquiry, to the moment your goals are achieved and surpassed – we will be by your side.

Our track record speaks of our success – having delivered outstanding results across multiple industry sectors.

Industry Experts

We are a team comprised of experienced entrepreneurs employing tried and tested methods, in order to replicate and share our own success with you.

Our method incorporates hi-tech data harvesting tools and radical marketing techniques in order to discover your value – though never at the expense of meaningful, human interaction.

The technology exists to enhance what we already excel at, not replace the human element.

Connecting with us means connecting with millions of worldwide investors – a network with strict admission criteria and containing no time-wasters. Here, each investor is assessed based on their past experience and transaction history.

Do they have the capital? Do they have the reputation? Are they qualified?

We do the leg work and deliver results, not dilemmas.

We don’t follow the herd

At MB we think outside the box – promising an innovative approach in our identification of prospective acquirers from our global network.

By choosing to work with us, you are partnering with one of the most knowledgeable, well connected and experienced brokers in the UK – and the most technologically sophisticated brokerage firm on the planet.

With one of the most advanced matching algorithms ever devised working in your favour – utilising data gathered from companies house, credit bureaus and elsewhere –  you are decidedly more likely to secure a deal with MB than with another broker.

Sick of speaking to robots? Don’t worry, MB is made up of more than just superior machinery.

We are veterans of the trade who fondly remember the days of handshakes and eye contact, hence our fusion of the etiquette of traditional business dealings with the power of modern technology. This secures our spot at the pinnacle of our industry, as well as making us a pleasure to deal with.

We will take the time to engage with you and your business, in order to understand your individual needs and ambitions. Then, we will design a unique strategy which will fulfil our number one priority; to discover your value.

What matters to you, matters to us

What matters to you, matters to us

Whilst partnered with MB, your reputation is our reputation and your success is our success.

What’s more – whether it’s a long-standing family business, the product of a partnership, or built single handedly from the ground up – we understand, from our own personal experiences, how much time, effort and emotion an individual invests in their business.

Knowing this, and with your perspective firmly in mind, our designs are tailored to your business, and are strategically implemented to ensure that it is placed on an upward trajectory – no compromises.