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Whatever the nature of the transaction you are considering, our advanced platform – paired with our own personal expertise – is on hand to deliver this to you.
We take immense pride in being the most technologically sophisticated brokerage firm on the planet. The combination of this with our immense network of like-minded brokers, allows us to rapidly connect our clients with the right investors.

Are you

Are you ready to cash in on your exceptional effort? Are you ready to elevate your business to the next level?

Speak to an advisor who personally understands your position. Our team have extensive, first hand experience and are on hand to provide you with the best advice for your business’s bright future.


At MB, we go far beyond a mere valuation; we focus on creating value in the process.

Working alongside you, we will draw out your business’s key potential selling points. Our team possess an outstanding skillset, and their familiarity with such processes means that they can showcase your business in a way that will best appeal to buyers. Ultimately, we strive to fulfil the transaction, and top your estimations in the process.

A traditional business valuation can be achieved in any number of different tried and tested ways. But our approach builds on this method, as we work to create value for your business, and so achieve the best possible end result for you.

With your business’s key selling points in mind, and by engineering multi-faceted forecasts to accurately predict your future value, we will then design and implement a creative and effective marketing strategy , while utilising our impressive network of buyers and cooperative brokers, to secure an exceptional deal.

Alongside this, our team will employ other successful methods, including using documentation of the highest standard and utilising our cutting-edge platform, while providing full project management. 

Through the strategy outlined in these approaches, we can create value for your business, because we know the truth of the matter: the only thing which dictates this figure is the amount a prospective buyer is willing to pay. So we work to entice interested parties, in order to strategically engineer an environment designed for competitive bidding. Our aim throughout is to heighten value, and get the job finished.

The key stages

Throughout the process you will be fully at ease in the knowledge that our expert team are committed to delivering the end result that you deserve.

The extent of our personal, first hand experiences means we can fully sympathise with your perspective. So, we will personally ensure that everything that you have invested into your business is entirely appreciated.

Our dedicated team will work tirelessly to deliver the best possible service, as the satisfaction of our clients remains our primary focus.


A tailor-made strategy keeps your mind at rest in the knowledge that you have worked with us to secure your company’s prosperous future.

The first step involves getting under the bonnet and discovering what makes your business tick. We invest time into understanding not only how your business operates, but the personalities behind it, and the goals underpinning it.

Then we will combine this information with the business’s unique areas of value; your expectations; your long term goal and other personal factors, in order to accordingly alter our sale strategy to perfectly suit your needs. 


We will bring to the forefront the unique selling points of your business, thus showcasing it as an unmissable opportunity for potential buyers.

Whilst partnered with MB, your successes are our successes. Therefore, we engage a sophisticated marketing strategy when introducing your company to the market in order to make it shine.

Our innovative marketing experts will gain from you a complete understanding of your operation and tailor these promotional strategies to your business. Such a personal approach to marketing is certain to make your company stand out form the crowd.

Our documents don’t just make a statement; they create a call to action.

THIRDLY - Key Connections

By pairing you with specific parties who are in a position to do the best by your business; we can enable you to truly discover your value.

We utilise cutting edge, progressive software to gain access to a vast network of interested buyers. By generating such an extensive volume of engagement with your business, our software ensures that our clients are provided with a variety of options.

Having prioritised the growth of our technological capabilities, we have a detailed knowledge of the most comprehensive information regarding the activities of buyers. Therefore, we can offer a detailed knowledge of the key players in a strong position to buy and develop your enterprise.

By providing you with relevant connections tailored specifically to your business, we ensure that you will achieve your intended end result, and will be left satisfied in the knowledge that you truly discovered your value.

The close

We will ensure that every aspect of the transaction is thoroughly considered, leaving nothing for you to deal with alone.

Our dependable team of negotiators are on hand to support you throughout the rest of the process and answer any questions that you may have at any stage. Our commitment to your business goes beyond connecting you with acquirers and our work does not stop at pushing for the best possible deal. 

Our further assistance to you at this final stage of the process includes assisting with preparation for meetings, ensuring secure data sharing, providing expert advice concerning final offers and then bringing together the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

As you can see, we are committed to managing every area of the transaction to pave the way for a smooth, successful end result.

Ensuring Anonymity

Protecting your personal information and providing full confidentiality is of paramount importance to us, and can be relied on with confidence throughout our service.

We understand that full confidentiality – for the entire duration of the transaction – is absolutely imperative. 

From the outset we can assure you that we operate in such a way that is designed and proven to prevent any mishandling of your company’s data.

We understand that such anonymity will, in addition, assist in the deliverance of an outstanding deal for your company.


Once a non-disclosure agreement has been completed and the party interested in acquiring your business has been thoroughly screened, we will seek your permission to issue an Information Memorandum. This provides you with complete control over who has access to your company’s sensitive commercial and financial information. 

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